Frequently Asked questions

Scrod industries is a group of manufacturers. Our customers order us with custom requirements from all over the world that’s why we have not mentioned price as we are open to discuss your custom requirements and price also depends on quantity of order.

We accept almost all of payment methods as our customer feel easy. Some of them are Paypal (In process, not yet started), Western Union, Direct Bank Transfer, Money Gram etc. We also accept Cash / Bank Cheques if we have business representation in your country. 

Its simple:

Step 1: Select product type

Step 2: Contact us via Inquiry form (attached with every product) or write us directly email ( or whatsapp (Click right-bottom whatsapp button to proceed).

Step 3: Send us your custom requirements

Step 4: We’ll send you mockup, Confirm it or request for modifications.  

Step 5: Do payment 

Step 6: We’ll ship your order before deadline with tracking code

Step 7: You’ll receive finally and hopefully We’ll do long term business with you.

Don’t worry! We’re here to help you. Write us via email or whatsapp number, We’ll respond to your request within minutes/hours.

Yeah. why not? We’d like to send you send you samples so it can help to make decision. Kindly, remember that we do not offer free samples. 

We offer 2 different types of custom manufacturing in order to obtain the needs of custom manufacturing industry. The first way is:

You can choose a model from our designs and you can change it in the direction of your need. You can take a look at our unique designs


You also can provide us your own design such as pattern, drawing, picture, logo, sketch to be appareled.

You can also customize;

Color (All colors from the scale)

Fabric Type (Organic, Non Organic, cotton etc.)

Fabric Quality (Weight, thread count etc.)

Embroidery (Color, type, logo etc.)

Bordure (Color, type, logo etc.)

Model (Designs, types etc.)

Model Measurements (Length, Width etc.)

Accessories ( Button, Snap etc.)

Labels (Brand Label, Hang Tag etc.)

Packaging (Bow type, measurements etc.)

Shipping Type (Via Air or By Sea)

Delivery Point (Country, City, Port Address)

of your apparel.

The minimum order quantity that we prefer is 100 per color/model up to 5 different sizes available. However, please do not hesitate to contact us even if you have another suggestion.

Of course, you can. Our customers can embroider print, brand label their initials, logos or the name of their company. In shortly, you can put everything about your brand on the products that we produce with full of trust.